The Capitol Complex


“We can create rational forms, with their basis in geometry; our trend is towards higher and more impartial gratifications, by reason of the mathematical spirit which inspires us; we can create in a detached and pure manner. Such are the epochs which we call classical.”

      – Le Corbusier. The City of Tomorrow and Its Planning


Palace of Assembly


Open Hand | Tower of Shadows

“A thought which reveals itself without word or sound, but solely by means of shapes which stand in a certain relationship to one another. These shapes are such that they are clearly revealed in light. The relationships between them have not necessarily any reference to what is practical or descriptive. They are a mathematical creation of your mind. They are the language of Architecture. By the use of raw materials and starting from conditions more or less utilitarian, you have established certain relationships which have aroused my emotions. This is Architecture.”

      – Le Corbusier. Towards a New Architecture


High Court | Secretariat

” Culture is an orthogonal state of mind. Straight lines are not deliberately created. They are arrived at when man is strong enough, determined enough, sufficiently equipped and sufficiently enlightened to desire and to be able to trace straight lines. In the history of forms, the moment which sees the straight line is a climax ; behind it and within it lie all the arduous effort which has made possible this manifestation of liberty.”

      -Le Corbusier. The City of Tomorrow and Its Planning


Palace of Assembly

“Things are not revolutionized by making revolutions. The real Revolution lies in the solution of existing problems. ”

      -Le Corbusier. The City of Tomorrow and Its Planning


High Court